EU Deforestation Regulation

Livonia Print is committed to ensuring full compliance with the newly enacted EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR VO (EU) 2023/1115). Leveraging our advanced in-house tracking systems, we are confident that our current practices, with necessary adjustments, will meet the stringent requirements of the EUDR.

Aligned with our zero deforestation policy, Livonia Print and its suppliers are dedicated to maintaining transparent, accountable, and third-party audited supply chains. This commitment ensures that the origins of our wood materials are always known and sourced from responsibly managed forests. Our longstanding certifications, including FSC, PEFC, EU Eco Label, and Nordic Swan, attest to our dedication. In 2023, over 96% of our book orders were produced using FSC or PEFC certified materials.

Additionally, Livonia Print adheres to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which underpin our quality and environmental management systems, fostering continuous improvement in our supply chain practices and responsible material sourcing.

We recognize the importance of collaboration across the forest-based value chain for effective EUDR implementation. Therefore, we have engaged our suppliers to confirm their readiness to comply with the EUDR requirements, including providing detailed Due Diligence Statements. Despite our collective commitment, we acknowledge the need for further clarification from the European Commission and national authorities on the regulation’s implementation details.

As active participants in the European Graphic Industry Association Intergraf, we support ongoing dialogue with the European Commission for additional guidance. Livonia Print remains vigilant in following EU developments and is proactive in enhancing our IT systems and procedures, ensuring we are prepared for timely compliance when official guidelines are released.

Please ask your contact person at Livonia Print, if more information required.

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