20.04. Update on Situation in Connection with COVID-19

Dear Customers,

Last week could be described in one sentence: ”No news, good news!” Even after Easter holidays the number of infected people did not go up much. Currently the situation is as follows:

  • The COVID-19 tests done in the country – 19 299 per million inhabitants (36 668 in total)
  • COVID-19 positive 388 per million inhabitants (739 in total)
  • 5 reported death cases
  • During the week from 10.04 till 19.04 number of infected people varied from 2 to 30 a day.

Our government appreciates and thanks all those who follow the given instructions on safety measures, but those who do not, get fined even up to 2000 EUR. Last week the emergency situation in Latvia was prolonged till the 12th of May and we hope this decision will stabilize the situation even more.

Livonia Print has some positive news and some new challenges.

We are happy to be working non-stop, having good, supportive employees and loyal customers. We have the necessary materials and our suppliers are fast to replenish the stock according to our needs.

We appreciate your timely payments, that helps us to be good customers to our suppliers!

The Spanish mill producing cover material Geltex has re-started its operations.

As we have feared before, the time has come when we experience difficulties getting the necessary spare parts for our equipment. For example, for one of our foil stamping machines we had to wait for replacement parts for 3 weeks and do the repairs ourselves, instead of technicians, who could not fly over from Italy. It took us another week.

Currently we have the same situation with two of our printing presses, for which we need a technician’s help from the supplier, but who cannot travel due to the emergency situation in Europe.

As this spring has come with changing weather conditions from hot to quite cold, our sick-leave rate has gone up to 10,8 % (6,7% in January 2020).

All the above mentioned makes our everyday life more difficult in the overall anxiety in society, but nevertheless we are full of optimism and wish you the same - to be healthy, wealthy and wise!

Livonia Print team

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