06.04. Update on Situation in Connection with COVID-19

Dear Customers

We are now in the second week of April, spring is in the air, Easter is at the door and here is a summary of the current situation in Latvia and at Livonia Print. To be on the optimistic side, the situation in Latvia perhaps is better than elsewhere in Europe regarding the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • COVID- 19 tests done in our country – 11374 per million inhabitants (21453 in total)
  • COVID -19 positive - 287 per million inhabitants (542 in total)
  • We have two reported death cases, which are not fully confirmed yet to be from COVID -19 (one of them was a 99 years old lady)

These facts show that Latvian society is well organized and following government’s regulations closely. There is still no final decision for how long the emergency situation will be prolonged – either it will be a month or 3 months, we will get to know in the next few days. One thing is clear – we continue working hard and supporting our customers as much as possible.

Some news regarding different issues.

Government/trade associations:

  • The government is very much focused on those companies and employees who are out of work, providing financial support during their standstill.
  • The Latvian Printers’ Association together with Packaging Manufacturers’ Association has asked the government to include our branch of industry into the list of ‘’essential industries‘’.
  • The European Printers Association Intergraf has asked the EU to support printers as much as possible providing access to ISOPROPANOL and other consumables necessary for our daily operations as well as not closing our factories down due to the fact that products printers  manufacture – packaging, media and also books - are essential products.


  • Last week we got a not very pleasant news from several insurance companies regarding our customers’ credit limits – many of them were reduced due to ‘’ … the current economic uncertainties within the buyer's country and/or trade sector … We might be able to reconsider your request once the Covid-19 pandemic has passed.’’
  • Payment discipline in this situation has to be extremely high from our customers to us and the same way from us to our suppliers. We really depend on each other!

Asking to delay deliveries:

  • We kindly ask you to inform us in good time about closed or overcrowded warehouses and possible necessary delay from our side – our facilities are full with paper stock and ready for export books!


  • Since mid-last week there have been delays on the Latvian/Lithuanian border up to 16-20 hours due to more thorough check-ups from the Lithuanian authorities. That could cause some transportation  delays to our customers. Also Easter holidays could have some negative impact on availability of trucks with drivers.


  • There can be problems buying rubber bands for diary type books, since the manufacturer has been assigned to produce protective masks.

Thank you for being with us in this difficult time and remember - no winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn. Take this year’s Easter as a symbol of hope, renewal, and a new life!

Have eggcellent Easter Holidays !

     Livonia Print team

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