Three easy file checks that can be done in Acrobat Pro

If you would like to make sure things work as expected you can perform these easy tasks for your document in Acrobat Pro v. 8 and higher. In the menu item Advanced > Print Production > Output Preview a few easy tasks can be performed, which will help you greatly in supplying truly print-ready PDFs.

Output Preview dialogue box

1. Simulation Profile

At the very top of the dialogue box, Simulation Profile should say ‘Output Intent:‘ and then the profile to be used for your printing condition (e.g. ISO Coated v2, PSO Uncoated or ISO Uncoated Yellow). But it must say ‘Output Intent:‘ first. If it does not, the PDF file has not been exported correctly.

Check for correct output profile being used

2. Show

Clicking on the Show menu and selecting ‘Not DeviceCMYK‘ should give you a completely blank document, unless you have (and are supposed to have) spot colours in the document. If you see something here and are not supposed to have spot colours, something is wrong with the document. Selecting ‘Spot color‘ will show where in the design you have a spot colour, and therefore where you need to change it.

You can of course also see how many colours will be used for printing under Separations. Here you can also turn off individual channels to see if, for example, a spot colour is being used on a certain page, or to check if all the text is placed on the spot channel as requested.

Check for content other than CMYK

3. Total Area Coverage

At the bottom of the dialogue box there is a checkbox called Total Area Coverage (TAC). If you tick this and select an amount corresponding to the profile selected for output intent/paper type, the layout will go green in places where there is too much ink.

Check for wrong CMYK profile in images

The reason for exceeding the TAC is probably that a wrong CMYK profile has been used to convert the image prior to placement in the page layout application or that colour correction has increased the amount of ink after conversion. While Livonia Print can reduce the ink limit to avoid smearing on press, exceeding the ink limit is a symptom of wrongly produced CMYK data, which can lead to unpredictable results. We therefore recommend you to check the image(s) in question.


Profile name

Printing type


ISO Coated v2 (ECI)

Glossy coated offset paper


ISO Coated v2 300 (ECI)

Silk or matt coated offset paper


PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI)

Uncoated white paper


ISO Uncoated Yellow

Uncoated yellowish paper