Our presses are optimised to print closely to ISO 12647-2. To ensure the best possible match, proof prints supplied should also be produced according to ISO specifications. Ideally, they will be well within the tolerances specified in ISO 12647-7 (tolerances for proof prints).

ISO 12647-7 tolerances for proof prints Delta E 76 (ΔE)

Primary colors Max deviation:

5.0 ΔE

Primary Colors Max deviation:

2.5 ΔH (hue deviation)

Maximum deviation:

6.0 ΔE

Average all colors:

3.0 ΔE

Maximum Neutrals (CMY):

1.5 ΔH (hue deviation)

Paper color simulation:

3.0 Δ

This means that the proof prints must contain an Ugra/Fogra Mediawedge v.3 and a job ticket on each print clearly showing which standard the proofs simulate. In other words, it must be clear, which of the 3 paper types that we print according to this particular proof is simulated:

  • Coated offset
    proofs must simulate Fogra 39 dataset or the ISO Coated v2 (ECI) ICC profile.
  • Uncoated offset
    proofs must simulate Fogra 47 dataset or the PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI) ICC profile.
  • Uncoated Yellowish offset
    proofs must simulate Fogra 30 or the ISO Uncoated Yellowish ICC profile.

Proof Certification Software

Ideally, each proof, or at least a representative sampling of the proofs, has been measured with proof certification software such as GMG’s Proof Control, and a label report or full report detailing that the proofs are within acceptable tolerances is attached.

This is simply because our printing presses perform optimally when printing in a certain way (according to ISO 12647-2). If proofs do not simulate the printing standard according to which we print, whether because they are not correctly calibrated or simulate something else, the result will almost always be inferior. It will also be difficult to match the colours of the proofs on press due to the physical limitations of colour correction on press and the mechanical properties of adhering ink on paper at high speed.

In-house Proofs

When we cannot verify that proofs have been made correctly according to the standards to which we print (proofs without a media wedge), we will run in-house proofs using our GMG ColorProof certified proofing system. We then compare these with the proofs supplied. If the two sets of proofs are not visually alike, we are unable to guarantee that the proofs supplied by the customer can be matched on press. In this case either the customer must accept the colour on Livonia Print’s proof prints, or modify the colour in their files and have new proofs made.

Proof Certificates

  • Colour proofs are printed on Epson ink jet printers which are regularly automatically calibrated
  • Only Fogra certified paper, is used
  • Each printout has a special UGRA/FOGRA approved colour scale which can be measured either automatically by the printer or manually using a Spectrophotometer device
  • These measurements confirm the compliance of the proof with the right print Standard