Have you ever sent artwork to press that looks perfect on screen but later turns out to be wrong when printed? For example, when areas of solid black allow images behind to show through? This usually happens if overprint is applied in layout software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Quark, etc. If Preview options are not set correctly in Acrobat you don’t see it when checking the print-ready PDF file.

The overprint settings need to be set correctly before it goes to press to allow you to spot potential overprint problems in advance. 


Example of images without Overprint simulation and with Overprint simulation.

The above example shows a document created in InDesign. CMYK image was placed in the background and then CMYK objects with overprint option applied were placed on top of the image. It was exported as a PDF file.

If you open the PDF in Acrobat it will look normal and as expected when Overprint Preview is turned off (see image on the left). If you turn Acrobat Overprint Previw setting on you will see the simulated print result (see image on the right).

For Adobe Acrobat this setting can be found here – Print Production -> Output Preview.

For Adobe Reader this setting can be found here – Edit -> Preferences -> Page Display -> Use Overprint Preview –> (set to ) ALWAYS