Climate and Environmental responsiblity

Climate change is a growing problem that affects all of us. Global temperature rise, warming oceans, sea level rise, extreme temperature periods and many more evidence show that the climate change is our reality. We at Livonia Print have taken an important step on our climate journey by becoming climate neutral in accordance with the rigorous standard PAS 2060.

Measure. Livonia Print has made a complete inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions and has measured and reported emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

In 2020, which is our base year, we have emitted 47 291 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). This calculation includes Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions meaning that we measure carbon impact of books from the moment they are produced to the moment they enter the client’s warehouse.  

More information about Livonia Print 2021 results can be found here.

Reduce. Regarding climate issues, our goal was to go further, therefore we have taken steps to become a climate-neutral company in accordance with PAS 2060. PAS 2060 has been developed by the British Standards Institute and is currently the strictest and most comprehensive standard for climate neutrality.

We have set ambitious climate targets in line with Science-Based Targets (SBT) and developed an emission reduction plan.

Our 2 SBT are as follows:

  • To reduce absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 21 % by 2025 from a 2020 base year (ambitious 1,5°C scenario).
  • To reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions by 30,4% per ton of produced books by 2025 from a 2020 base year (well below 2-degree pathway).

Offset. While not all emissions can be avoided completely yet, in addition to reductions, we aim to balance the rest of our emissions, therefore carbon offsetting is one of the steps we take. We are investing in certified and third-party verified emission reduction projects in cooperation with South Pole – the world's leading developer of projects for voluntary carbon offsetting. 

Our current offsetting portfolio focuses on financing the renewable energy transition in developing countries, where carbon reductions are not expected to happen without external climate finance. The two projects we have invested in provide clean energy from solar power (Verified Carbon Standard registered project Srepok Solar Power in Vietnam) and hydropower (Gold Standard registered project Nam Nga Hydropower 2 in Laos).


Climate Neutral Product label

If the Climate Neutral Product label is placed in a book produced by Livonia Print, the following information applies to it:

This product is climate neutral in line with the standard PAS 2060, covering Greenhouse Gas accounting, climate target setting, reduction measures and climate compensation. The climate impact of this product is approximately 1,56 kg CO2e. The emission calculations cover raw material extraction, manufacturing emissions, and transport emissions to the printer facility, as well as transport emissions to the retailer and end-of-life treatment emissions of sold products. The printer of this book, Livonia Print, has committed to set and implement targets up to 2030 in line with the Paris Agreement. The product emissions have been compensated through Verified Carbon Standard project Srepok Solar Power in Vietnam and Gold Standard project Nam Nga Hydropower 2 in Laos.